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18 Knockout Ideas for Cosmetic Floor Showers

If there’s 1 area homeowners overlook most often when doing a bathroom remodel, then it’s probably the shower floor. After all, the idea that our toes should stand on tile or fiberglass while we’re showering is so ingrained in us — why would anybody assume they have more choices?

Input the wooden floor shower. It’s an elegant upgrade to the substances of yore, and a lot more versatile. Wood slats make a cozy ski-lodge vibe at winter along with a sunny deck-like experience in summer, which makes it a win-win for anybody looking to spiff up a toilet design. Merely ask Austin, Texas, architect MJ Neal, who utilizes the material regularly. “It’s a wonderful way to handle the ground itself, and really warms the space up,” Neal says. “It almost harkens back to Japanese baths as well. It can be quite relaxing”

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Since water flow through the slats into a massive skillet, a wood floor conceals unsightly drains, which makes way for a fluid, minimalist statement. With less dash back, a doorless, no-threshold shower works perfectly in a small space.

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Dark, rich stained forests produce a bold design statement even in light-happy modern spaces.

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This increased platform of timber gives the shower a hardy, rustic texture.

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Paired with tiles and other wood accents, slatted floors fit right in with almost any decor scheme.

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Contrasting a sleek, contemporary aesthetic with the texture of wood creates a calming vibe.

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The material also has the uncanny knack of instantly making a toilet just a little more sophisticated.

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Here, a milder stained wood floor effortlessly emboldens the ash-colored tilework.


Wish that resort-spa texture in your toilet? The key is in the timber.

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Not all timber must seem equivalent. This white wood floor perfectly matches its tasteful counterparts.

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Of course, a few challenges do arise together with timber shower floors. Apart from being slick, wood and constant water do not just go hand in hand. That’s why it’s best to go with tropical forests, such as teak, ipe or massaranduba, which can be naturally water resistant (though naturally pricier, also).

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But, thankfully, a little wood goes a long way and can seem glamorous when done correctly.

Showers that open to outside decking are fantastic places for timber flooring.

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Add a few indoor plants, along with a wood-filled shower could become a Zen-like refuge.

Not everything must be over the top. A smartly chosen wood can work wonders even in modest spaces.

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A dark blot, a curved design and no doorway make this very small nook shower a standout.

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A few wood slats are all that’s needed to finish a design-minded minimalist shower.

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The material also contrasts superbly with colorful tiles.

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A wood shower extended to make a pier-recalling walkway turns this toilet into a small paradise.

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