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Design Details: 12 Ways With Wall Murals

Looking for a way to change a space with a dramatic statement? Think about a mural. From tasteful, Victorian dining rooms to lively, modern kids’ rooms, an infinite variety of designs and approaches are all available. Murals can be created by artists who paint them right on the walls, by employing scenic wallpaper, by writing decals across a wall and out of tile.

This trend is one which was brought over from Europe into the United States not far behind the original settlers. That’s a trend with staying power.

Sroka Design, Inc..

This trend has been around in the USA since they were mere colonies. “Throughout the early part of the 19th century itinerant artists will travel the countryside making their living by painting portraits and murals,” says interior designer Skip Sroka. “They usually were self-trained and had a superb sense of naiveté about them… In this room we captured this feeling of the ancient Virginia countryside. This is a soft-spoken space that speaks volumes” The mural, painted by artist Kay Jones, was an apt option, as this house was originally constructed around 1795.

Peg Berens Interior Design LLC

This room presented some special design challenges, since it’s oval and the ceilings are 16 feet high. The mural brings all together. “Wall murals can take many forms; in this case it is handpainted wallcovering with silk embroidered flowers Redding,” says Interior Designer Peg Berens. “At a deliberate effort to draw the eye down and keep it down, I customized the mural on the wallcovering to go no greater than 10′. The Tree Service on the mural was likewise designed to open just to the right of the sideboard table and end by the door on the right of the space. The resulting effect attracts the attention to the mural itself also keeps the focus where it ought to be in this unusually shaped room”

Elizabeth Dinkel

Chinoiserie is a favorite part within Hollywood Regency style, and this wealthy green wallpaper sets a formal yet gentle tone in this sophisticated dining room.

This gentle botanical wall gives the space a feeling of age and organic beauty.

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Casart Coverings

Birds & Birch – Dining Room Focal Wall – $14

“Using a mural is a superb decorative way to customize a room. Having the ability to customize the mural enables you to have something that is completely unique and one-of-a-kind,” states Lorre Lei of Casart Coverings. “Of course, if you use something that’s also removable and reusable, there’s the added advantage that, should you proceed, you can take your mural with you personally and re-install on your new space.”

Sroka Design, Inc..

Murals are not just for the public rooms on the first floor. This Designer Bathroom Concepts Pittsburgh’s focal wall is covered in a classic wallpaper that was created before the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement. “This is really French hand-blocked wallpaper which was taken down from a house in Baltimore. The back of the newspaper had to have some of the plaster scraped off,” explains designer Skip Sroka. “If you look carefully at the mural at the bathtub, you will observe that the Frenchman who did the spectacle hadn’t ever been to America” and shows people of all races healing each other as equals.

“Murals provide a superb sense of depth to a space. Done right they include a magic and interest nothing else could do,” he states. This assertion is made very apparent in this room’s design.

Brandon Barré Architectural Interior Photographer

Looking for something a little more watertight for your Concepts for designer bathrooms Pittsburgh? This mural effect is created by writing a mosaic of tiles by Bisazza.

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Anita Roll Murals

Mural artist Anita Roll created a dynamic cityscape with this particular nursery. “I wished to paint a fun interactive mural (counting, colours and shapes) that could be applicable for many decades,” she states. “I could observe kids playacting with these buildings as a backdrop for lots of games as well…I loved painting it!”

Dufner Heighes Inc

Oversized maps are another great way to pay for a wall with something lively and interactive.

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Jarlath Mellett

Another way to create a mural that is not permanent is to write wall stickers across an whole wall. This undersea-themed wall is filled with unexpected textures and colours, the ideal choice for a child’s bedroom or playroom.

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Casart Coverings

The chances with murals are truly infinite. You can have custom wallcoverings made from your own photographs or other images. In cases like this, Casart Coverings took a classic print John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon bought in India and reproduced it at a huge size to cover the whole wall in their own kitchen.

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