DIY Installing Hardwood Floor

If a hardwood flooring Mobile AL is done properly, everyone will notice it. Once you complete the floor Mobile and you walk inside your house, your jaw will drop because of how incredible your home will look. Hardwood floors certainly make a difference. To ensure that your installation is successful, there are a few considerations that you have to keep in mind.


Anything that’s going on outside your home has a dramatic effect on your home’s interior, especially if you don’t control the atmosphere inside it. If you live in a desert and you don’t have an AC that’s running around the clock, hardwood flooring will constantly contract and expand, and this will limit the kind of supplies that will work for you.

DIY Or Hiring Professional Installers

Hardwood flooring installation can be done as your own DIY project. As a matter of fact, more and more homeowners find themselves doing their own installation. If you push through and take the task on by yourself, then make sure that you’ll be able to handle all the aspects of the job as it will require more than just laying the material on the Mobile flooring.

Protecting Or Storing Your Furniture

If you’ll be using finished products, then this won’t be an issue. If you’ll install the hardwood floor from the scratch, then you definitely have to get everything out. This is because dust will be all over the place, damaging your furniture, appliances, and other possessions. If you are not able to move out everything, make sure you cover every single object you have within the area you’ll be working on. Also, tape all the vents so dust won’t leave the area and transfer to the adjacent rooms.


If your house is always busy, then forget about having hardwood flooring that has a light color as traffic will destroy the material. Darker colors of flooring Mobile AL can stand up to busy corridors, so they will be perfect for your home. A darker color is also easier to maintain, allowing you to avoid repair and replacement which are very costly.

Check Your Supplies

Don’t buy hardwood flooring materials online if you haven’t seen the products in person as they might look different on the pictures. We recommend that you go to your local lumber yard and look at everything you plan on using.

How To Install Hardwood Flooring

Now that you know what to look out and prepare for prior to the installation, let’s move on to the installation process itself.

Below are some easy steps on how to carry out a DIY hardwood flooring installation project:

Step 1: Order all the materials that you will need.
Step 2: You need to prepare the subfloor. Then, fasten asphalt-laminated paper flooring underlayment onto it.
Step 3: Put the materials in the area where you will be working on to allow them to adjust to the room’s humidity.
Step 4: Mark and layout your flooring’s placement.
Step 5: Attach the first row of flooring to the subfloor.
Step 6: Cut successive flooring strips and fasten them.
Step 7: Fasten the final flooring row after ripping it.

Last step: Sand and finish your flooring, and you’re done!