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Getting Ready for a House Appraisal

Homeowners have their house appraised for a number of reasons, including the coming sale or refinancing of the house. Many of the things an appraiser checks for are things that you can’t change, like the dimensions or area of the house, number of rooms, and also how much houses in the region are selling for. As opposed to focusing on the things you can’t alter, turn your focus to the things you can control. Possessing the needed paperwork and property so that you can only improve the value you receive in evaluation.


Be ready to provide the appraiser with a copy of your house survey, certificates of occupancy and, if applicable, licenses. Also give him any written property or neighborhood agreements.

Find your latest tax bill, including complete details regarding any exemptions. Your appraiser will require a copy of that tax invoice to be certain his evaluation is in line.

Ensure that you provide your home a list of all appliances, pool equipment, window treatments and outbuildings which are included if your house is for sale.

Collect together a detailed list of some improvements made to the house, particularly anything which might not be easily apparent. If you have added additional insulation, utilized custom building materials, or had specialization work done, let the appraiser know. You ought to be able to supply copies of paid bills for any expensive improvements you have made.

Provide a copy of the latest financial statement in case your house is a condominium, cooperative apartment unit or portion of a homeowners association. The information should include details regarding regular fees or maintenance fees.

Offer your appraiser reports for any current inspections, including house, termite, septic system, and well or water quality.

The Real Estate

Secure or remove any pets, especially those who don’t like strangers. Darius G. Carter of A1 Los Angeles Home Appraisal suggests that a homeowner tell the appraiser in which the creatures are locked so that he will not walk to your room without understanding critters are in there.

Spend as little money as possible to fix maintenance issues prior to appraisal. These include holes in heating or doorways, broken or missing light bulbs, leaking faucets and plumbing, running toilets, broken windows, and missing door knobs.

Clean out the house. Bear in mind that photos are going to be taken as part of the evaluation. Any dirty dishes which were left on the beds or table left unmade will give creditors the sense that the residence is unkempt and very possibly has other issues which aren’t being dealt with. Clean your house and eliminate clutter prior to the appraiser arrives.

Freshen up paint that is faded or had chipped. Update outdated fixtures in the event that you can do so without spending much money.

Don’t forget curb appeal. Sterile toys and unnecessary things from the yard, and make sure the grass is neatly mowed. Pull weeds and provide the lawn a general tidying.

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