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Give the Vintage Globe Trend a New Spin

I have been looking at trends (such as classic typewriters and suitcases) that were sweeping design blogs once I began at many years before, calculating their tipping points and how designers’re freshening them up after their ubiquity. Globe collections also have hit their peak, but are they over?

The fad:
Collectors really like to group their beloved orbs together along with bookcases and on shelves. It is fun to spin them and see how the planet has changed in the years since they had been created; for instance, you can look at a globe and tell whether it was created prior to the Berlin wall went up, whether it was up or after it came down.

The problem: Everyone seems to have a classic globe, which makes us start to feel like followers. This fashion influenced many significant retailers to provide “classic” globes that were new but made to look classic as accessories, that makes us feel as dumb catalogue followers. Here’s a look at the fashion because it neared the point. I have always adored globes, so that I shall never tire of them, but we’ve seen a lot of globes, solitary and in collections lately.

The solution: Use jumbo globes, place smaller globes someplace unexpected or seek out fresh globes with unusual color palettes.

Precious McBane

What’s new here: Size. This globe matches a dead corner with aplomb, and one can stand in front it and spin it around to examine geography.

1940s, Vintage Globe

Where to find an oversize globe: This is not easy. The globe in the previous picture is a one-of-a-kind classic 1960s piece from London’s Lufthansa offices, which can be a remarkably cool detail to improve the conversations that it certainly inspires.

To discover globes using a similar appearance, you’re likely to need to keep checking Google, Etsy, eBay and 1stdibs; search under “giant globe,” “over-sized world” and “large globe.” Looking today I found this one from the 1940s that is 3 ft wide by looking “giant globe.”

Don Ziebell

This search will take some patience; even just keep checking sites per week, if you hit out. Put them on alert to look out for big globes in case you have your own antiques reveal pickers.

1worldglobes. com

The Goliath Screen Globe

Specialty shops like 1-World Globes provide custom extra-large and large globes. Made to stand up to public spaces that are big and crowds, they also come with large price tags.


What’s new here: The classic globe in a spacious upper cabinet within this modern kitchen is a surprising touch that adds retro style to the space.

If you’re a little tired of the makeup or placement of your beloved globe collection, think about breaking it up, dusting off it and putting solitary globes in interesting spots around the home.

Thom Filicia Inc..

What’s new here: The globe is rendered in black and shiny silver, giving it a sexy, futuristic appearance. Yeah, that is correct, I just referred to as a globe sexy.

Vicente Burin Architects

This silver globe is a very intriguing sculptural object that does not divert from this office’s subdued colour palette. I think this one is sexy too.


Vintage Globe Bookends – $54

What’s new here: Globes take on a new role in these classic bookends. This is a good way to receive your entire world fix, add interest to your bookshelves and prop up a stack of books.

Where to find these: I did a simple search for “globe bookends” on eBay and Etsy with some fantastic results.

Inform us : Are you really making an old trend new?

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