Great Color Pairings: Ice and Fire

Combining orange and blue or violet and yellow is like combining ice and fire: Light blues and violets attract the icehockey, and bold strokes of orange and yellow add the fire.

These two new and entertaining color combinations also give a new twist to color schemes in bedrooms, whether you’re designing for adults or children. Below are a few examples of how you may use these powerful colours to create a serene space with a warm, cozy feel.

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M Layout

Blue and orange. In a boy’s bedroom, then bring on that traditional blue paint, then kick it up with beams in hot orange rather than conventional red.

Benjamin Moore

Gossamer Blue 2123-40 by Benjamin Moore

To accomplish this look, begin by painting the ceilings and walls a light and cheerful Gossamer Blue by Benjamin Moore.

Home Decorators Collection

Parsons Bookcase – $224

Turn furniture . This combination bookcase and screen space has the zing of a tall glass of Tang!

Cristi Holcombe Interiors, LLC

A variation of the blue-and-orange color plot in a nursery utilizes a calming blue wall color with rust accents.

Paints And Stains

For the same look, begin with a paint color like Pigeon No. 25 by Farrow & Ball: a silvery grey with a hint of blue.

West Elm

Iznik Dhurrie – $49

This deep orange handwoven wool-and-cotton rug functions as a bright accent to the nursery floor.


Growing Vines Curtain – $108

A patterned orange drape like that one pairs beautifully with the rug.

Valerie Davis

Choose rusty orange for a more grownup blue-and-orange mix.

Neiman Marcus

Michael Kors – $225

I believe this bedding is so chic with its mixture of chocolate and brown patterns. Paint the walls a silvery blue for a serene and cozy bedroom space.

Just Perfect!

Purple and yellow. Bright yellow is your wow color in this bedroom. The light purple tones used on the walls and for your bedding provides the delicate backdrop. Producing the pop using a simple toss, lamp bases, pillows or even a single piece of furniture. It doesn’t take much since the bright yellow will immediately catch your eye.

Shoshana Gosselin

Start with a serene paint color on the walls, for example Sherwin William’s Potentially Purple.

Contemporary Duvet Covers And Duvet Sets – $195

Insert within this Jonathan Adler duvet. It works well for both children and adults.

Hand Tufted Carpet

How gorgeous is that this Moroccan pattern yellow rug! Fantastic for alongside the bed.


Pair of Ceramic Table Lamps

Am I overdoing it with those cute lemon yellow lamp bases? It’s up to you, but they’re an ideal match to the other yellow accessories.

Ziger/Snead Architects

If bright yellow accessories are too extreme, art is another way to attract the golden yellow of the sun into a mild purple bedroom. Utilize one large piece or group smaller bits together on one wall for a burst of color that doesn’t overpower the room.


Girl in the Yellow Suit Print by Kiki & Polly – $38

Love this painting with its bold bit of golden yellow. I can view it hung itself within a bed or grouped with other wall art that conveys the same yellow tones to create a larger, bolder statement.

Paul Anater

Blue-Yellow-Red color wheel. The reason these color combinations work so well is since they’re complementary colours, meaning they sit directly opposite each other on the color wheel. Using colours to either side of complementary colours softens the comparison.

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