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Guest Picks: Beautiful Dinosaur Decor for Modern-Day Kids

If you have got a small boy, chances are he has gone through — or will go through, or will never cease going through — a dinosaur obsession. With these enchanting additions to get a dino motif, his bedroom will be prehistorically ideal. — Rita from Struggling Off Frumpy


T. Rex Dinosaur and BMX Diorama by Wild Life Prints – $20

Didn’t you understand T. rex was a BMX champion? Or at least that is what this whimsical display would cause us to believe.


‘Rawr’ Dinosaurs Art Print by Giraffes + Stuff – $18

I love that things as ancient as dinosaurs can be so smartly superimposed upon these sleek, modern dots. Rawr!

Small Fashion Gallery

Pop Cork Dinosaur Chair

This is one modern dinosaur. (Is that an oxymoron?) He’s also a chair made from ecofriendly cork.


Dinosaur Magnets, Chartreuse by Original Animal Magnet – $21.50

A magnetic board comprising those whimsical dino magnets are the ideal place to hang all of those dinosaur pictures your children are always coloring.


Orange Dinosaurs Jars by Juxtaposition – $44

These dinosaur-topped jars are the ideal places to store coins, Legos, boogers, whatever small children accumulate.


Dinosaur Wall Art by Bunch Designs – $59

Dinosaurs to the wall? Yes, please. I only wish I could mix prints half as well.

Sister Furniture

Dinosaur Twin Size Headboard – $169

This silhouette-o-saurus will keep watch while your child sleeps.


Dinosaur Pillowcase, Personalized by Heather Rogers Designs – $16

How cool is to sleep this dino bearing your name?


Brachiosaurus & Stegosaurus Dinosaur 3-D Wall Art Decor – CAD 999

Probably the most awesome bedroom accessories ever, these enormous 3-D wall vases are hand-cast and hand-painted to seem extra realistic.


Glass Block Nightlight, Dinosaurs by Vinyl Signs 4 Him

Make sure your child’s room is properly personalized (and properly prehistoric) with this particular glass block nightlight.


Triceratops Dinosaur Ceiling Fan Pull by Thimbletowne – $13.50

Want some dinosaur in the details? Check out this freestanding ceiling fan pull. You may even select your own colour to customize the look.


Dinosaur Lampshade by Little Bobby Creations – $32.99

I’m digging the dino-camo thing this lampshade has going on. However, if that is not for you, this Etsy seller has over 160 dinosaur-themed lampshades to choose from.


Dinosaur Pillow by 2 Birds Textiles

I completely fell in love with those handmade corduroy and sensed pillow covers. They are oh-so-cute in their simplicity.


Dinosaur Light Switch Plate Cover by Smitten Kitten Designs – $18

They may have existed before power, but these dinosaurs certainly do look adorable on a light switch plate.


The Crowley Turquoise Resin T. Rex Head by White Faux Taxidermy – $129.99

Who doesn’t love artificial taxidermy? This super scary dinosaur was made somehow softer in a super trendy color (which, by the way, can be customized).

The Land of Nod

When the Dinosaurs Roamed Bedding – $29

There’s tons of dino-themed bedding on the market, however the only simple men with this stand out.


Wooden Dresser Drawer Knobs With Dinosaurs by DaRosa Creations – $7.25

I love the detail and the cheerful colours on those wooden drawer knobs.


Dinosaur Towel Hook from Slippin’ Southern – $69

OK, so it’s a towel rack, but I think it will be brilliant in a bedroom to hang robes, coats or backpacks.


Fabric Storage Bin, Dinosaurs by Needle Nook Creations – $18

Got a lot of stuff laying around (toy dinos(possibly)? Dino-store it in this adorable handmade storage bag.


Yam&Toast Free Range Toy Box, White – $295.75

Aside from the bright colours, my favourite part of this dinosaur toy box is its simplicity. Only a single decal is all it needs to make a dino-sized statement.

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