Linoleum is a really enjoyable and inexpensive flooring material. It is sold as tiles and in sheet, wears well, is recyclable and can work with any style. Perfect for high-traffic areas and wet rooms, like kitchens and baths, linoleum floors may be an perfect substitute for wood, tile or carpet.

What I enjoy the most about linoleum flooring is just how versatile it is. Its colors and patterns are limited just to the creativity. So enjoy dreaming up a enjoyable palette and pattern to your next flooring project. At $5 to $8 per square foot, it will not be hard to have a superb and inexpensive floor.

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Linoleum tiles are an excellent DIY project that may save money while creating your home’s floors like new. Produce a midcentury modern aesthetic with no issue. Just lay down several tiles in a zigzag pattern of alternating colors, and you’ll think you have gone into the times of Leave It to Beaver but with your very own modern postage.

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An excellent flooring choice to get a wet area, such as a toilet, linoleum flooring may add bold color to really liven up the room. Easily cleaned and maintained, the floor can withstand numerous children’s baths and showers.

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Try a traditional black and white checkerboard pattern if your house or your style is vintage. A pattern similar to this will appear new and fresh for a long time.

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The range of colors that linoleum tiles come in is wonderful. You can select a palette which holds a particular place in your heart.

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OK, so perhaps you don’t need a checkerboard pattern or a good area of tiles. How about some thin strips of color separating areas of linoleum tiles? You may want to call in a pro to do a more complex pattern similar to this.

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Linoleum also comes in massive sheets which can be laid down as a good color — or you may have a little bit of fun with it. A pattern that is bright and daring and distinctive for your property is something which you will only have the ability to achieve with a material like linoleum. Just do not attempt to do the setup yourself. Finding the cuts and stitches just right will probably be well worth the price of bringing in certain pros.

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Marmoleum Linoleum Floors by Forbo – $5

Linoleum isn’t relegated to kitchen and baths only. It is a fantastic material for a kid’s bedroom, particularly when you wish to create a floor that is light and bright and playful. Additionally, it is only a matter of taking that standard checkerboard pattern and shifting the colors around a little bit.

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Mamoleum Click Floors

Playrooms, loft bonus rooms and finished basements are also excellent places to set up linoleum floors. Easily cleaned, easy to walk on and virtually indestructible, these floors will last a lengthy time.

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