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Off-Kilter Chandeliers Show Spot-On Style

Ever since we purchased our house six decades back, our dining room chandelier has perplexed me. The space is really narrow, and to give guests space to wander between the table as well as the china hutch, we needed to place the table off centre. And that usually means the light fixture, rather than hanging over the center, sits about 8 inches too far to the right. I imagine people secretly wondering if I hung it in the center of a three-day bender or forgot to put my contacts in that day.

Well, as it happens, I’m a trendsetter. Offset chandeliers are shaking up interiors with their quirky placement and rule-breaking attitude. Have a look at the examples to find out why falling out of balance can be a very good thing.

Peter A. Sellar – Architectural Photographer

Forget the usual set of matching lamps. A chandelier illuminates one facet of the bedroom, adding life and energy to a somewhat plain distance. It is a bit bright to get a reading light — I’d probably put it on a darker to calm down the spectacle at bedtime.

Megan Blake Design

These are individuals after my own heart. They might have hung the headboard right over the table, but instead they kept it close against the wall to get an element of shock. I can only want my fixture were cool as theirs would be.

Elizabeth Gordon

Many individuals would have mounted this chandelier in the middle of the bed canopy. But that would have set it too close to the pendants that hang on the nighttime tables — and moreover, doesn’t it look fresher at the end of the mattress?

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

I think these are technically pendants, but the effect is the same. They fall from the ceiling and audience at the same facet of the mirror just like a wavy lock of hair falling over an eye.

Janof Architecture

Rather than hanging this chandelier in the middle of this kitchen island, these homeowners went to get a less expected placement toward the ending. This way it shines directly over the island’s seating area.

Griffin Enright Architects

In a similar vein, this off-center chandelier helps to energize what might have been a kitchen.

Orienting the chandelier toward the corner of the room helps to reinforce the sense of a comfy nook.

CIH Design

These homeowners used the exact same trick. The fixture draws you in and compels one to settle in to get a cup of something hot and an intimate chat.


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