Piping Moves Furniture into the Head of the Line

Of the many trends spotted at the spring 2012 High Point Market, contrast piping made a particularly bold splash. It appears to be after the tail of those ever-popular bright colours that we are seeing this season — piping on couches, headboards and seats proposes the ideal opportunity to sneak in yet another enticing shade.

Mixing and matching vibrant colours is not the only approach to attain this fun, dimensional look; simply adding black piping into a white sofa gives it an entirely new, contemporary personality.

A bright yellow couch produces a bold visual impact by itself, yet the definition that profound charcoal piping gives the piece is evident. Piping aids the sofa to look more grounded and definitely on the edge of contemporary style.

D Swift

A classic settee feels completely modern in bright blue velvet upholstery using magenta piping. Employing exactly the identical color scheme on the throw pillows, only swapped, adds a lively component and aids the magenta popup.

Michelle Hinckley

If daring colours are too over the top for you, no worries; this look is every bit as powerful in neutrals or basics. A white seat feels clean and present outlined with black piping.

Dwell Design Studio

For a subtle aesthetic that produces just the ideal quantity of dimension, choose a contrasting piping at a slightly darker shade than the upholstery.

James Rixner, Inc..

When choosing piping, correlate with different details of the room so the furniture nonetheless feels cohesive. The black of this couch’s piping is transported through this space by way of the headboard, carpeting, throw pillows and artwork.

INVIEW Interior Design

In this instance, a seat with contrasting piping feels right against green drapery and accessories.


Your wall color can help improve your piping. This off-white piping, for example, feels amplified against partitions of a similar shade.

Lompier Interior Group

You can even create an overall link by finishing more than 1 piece in the same fashion. A seat and seat with the same upholstery and contrasting piping assist the space to feel merged.

Tiffany Eastman Interiors, LLC

Edge several furnishings in the same color of piping to unify the pieces while reaching dimensional comparison.

Amoroso Design

Edge patterned fabric with a color from the print for a daring highlight.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Together with the white pulled from this print through piping, the geometric pattern on those headboards comes to existence.

Beach Dwellings

Or choose a piping color unrelated to this pattern for a look all your own.

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