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Reflect Nature's Lines for Inspired Interior Design

The forms in nature are inspiring and ever changing. Have you ever watched how a fern unfurls in the spring? From fiddlehead to full-blown fronds of feathery foliage, the fern offers inspiration on every step of its journey through the seasons. Would you reflect that beauty in the design of your living room or bedroom?

Take a moment now to be inspired. Drink in the shapes of these featured flowers as well as the qualities of movement they inspire, and determine how designers have employed reflections of routine plants in their rooms.

The Couture Rooms

The pure, translucent petals of an orchid are echoed in the sheers covering this window . Since the little button stamens highlight every bloom separately, the tufted details highlight the geometrical design of these chairs.

Holyoke Home

Notice how the assortment of red dogwood moves in this arrangement echoes the detailing on the table beneath. Both elements are given more presence thanks to the manifestation in design.

Lola Nova

Within this easy vignette, there are numerous ties in the menu into the tin could planters. Notice how the color is centered in most of the bits, and then the green foliage expands and drapes from the center. The live and painted foliages are subtlety reflecting upon every other.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

This result is more subtle, but is a superb melding of modern design and natural aesthetic. To begin with, notice that the table leads your attention straight to the light-filled window. Outside the window is a gorgeous scene of greenery. Reflected inside on the shiny tabletop, the greenery seems to fill the space from two angles. Also notice the table legs, little pieces intertwined to make a secure base. Are they not reflective of the masses of branches that constitute a woods?

In this rooftop garden, there are a few reflective principles at work. To begin with, notice the stark and directly branches of the evergreen forest in the background. Then notice the perpendicular and parallel lines of the roof that echo the patterning of the bark. Add to the natural lines of the greens onto the roof, and this home is the ideal manifestation of the woods surrounding it.

Tim Cuppett Architects

This pool garden is an intriguing example of using plants to echo the substances you have selected. In a sense, nature is reflecting the artificial elements instead of the reverse.

Notice that the small bars of green ground cover planted between the pavers. The plants are trimmed to keep the modern lines of the room constant. Also notice the vertical planting on the far right, including a green layer between the pool, the wall along with the woods in the background.

Tracy Stone AIA

Vertical plantings inspire and reflect the traces of this outdoor shower too. The shower curtain picks up the vertical lines, with shimmers of light between, a perfect echo of the horsetail reeds seen here.

Hufft Projects

I love the way this home collides with the visuals outdoors. The trees look as if they were planted as a design component, but obviously that’s not the situation. Notice the way the bracings and the stairwell lines signify the branches perfectly styled outside.

Also notice that the more vertical trunk is seen framed via a long, vertical window, whereas the more tulip-shape shrub is observed through a square window.

Shane D. Inman

Among my favorite photos is this one, where the ease of tree trunks requires on new heights. The form of the trunks is repeated in the fireplace backdrop in addition to the plants flanking the fireplace. Vertical stripes have even made their way on the upholstery, improving the grand height of the room.

Whether you’re working with a large space such as a tiny apartment dwelling, there are always ways to reflect the natural lines and forms around us. Conversely, think about earning plants to underline the design of your area. Whichever way the inspiration leaks, plants are the friend when you’re designing, and therefore don’t neglect to use them.

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