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Spin That Ship Wheel in a Different Style Management

The trend: It’s an oldie but a goodie. Vintage boat wheels in addition to those created just for decorating purposes add nautical style to coastal and coastal-style houses.

The problem: The style is very good for getting a nautical look, but as soon as you add a boat wheel, you might not know when to say when and go over the top. Consider the style of a restaurant with “Captain” from the title, where one expects to see Homer Simpson eating his way through the all-you-can-eat seafood buffet.

The alternative: allow the boat wheel be a focal point but don’t let it dictate a bunch of nautical flags, anchors and other boat particulars. It can add a touch of kitsch without making your space kitschy.

Thorson Restoration & Construction

Why it works here: White walls. One often thinks of boat wheels as a piece of decoration which includes dated 1970s paneling, captain’s seats and lots of other dark wood furniture. Drywall or light-colored painted planks allow the wheel stand out as a sculptural object.

Theresa Fine

Why it works here: Restraint.The boat wheel will work well in a child’s room, where you can go very theme-y if you would like. This nursery is crisp and well edited, which retains the look fresh.

Why it works here: Symmetry. Instead of these brakes being the focal point, they embellish the window.

Christian Rice Architects, Inc..

Why it works here:Industrial chic. The reclaimed accent wall, mill table and metal cage pendant lights work well with the wheel’s weathered finish.

Landing Design

Why it works here: The mixture. The oversize wheel’s brass and carved details work well in this eclectic mixture of modern components, antiques and exposed brick.

LLC, Penguin Random House

Why it works here: Clever arranging. The tiny decorative boat wheel is part of a well-curated coastal modern composition.

Go Nautical Collections

Why it works here: The material palette.Well-placed wheels create interest up the staircase, playing the wood of the railings and stair functions.

Go Nautical Collections

Why it works here: Again, the wheel’s wood is a beautiful game for this stunning spiral stairway. The photographer’s black and lamp metal spindles provide contrast to all of that dark wood.

Designs Northwest Architects, Dan Nelson

Why it works here: The children love it. The wheel is an lively touch for the kiddos on the “gangplank” balcony of the home, which combines contemporary elements like concrete and steel rails with coastal traditional components like shingles and warm wood beams.

Tab Premium Built Homes

Why it works here: Curb appeal. Propping up the wheel against the coastal-colored shingles reminds visitors where they’re. Additionally, its large scale stands around the size of the entryway, which keeps the wheel out of appearing like a piece of clutter.

William T Baker

Why it works here: Balance. This is a superb illustration of how to create a themed room with no appearing cartoonish. The wood flooring is a nod to boats, the nautical flags are styled against white walls, and the nautical pillows and carpet are a punch of accent color within an understated color palette.

Kuhl Design Build LLC

Why it works here: Arg! I could not leave this wheel from the story. This pirate-theme bedroom goes for the motif, and it moves big.It’s a child’s dream.

Go Nautical Collections

Where to find boat wheels. If you don’t have enough time to scour aquatic antiques shops, shop for wheels in the Products section. Or search online for “classic marine wheel,” “captain’s wheel” and “boat wheel.” Nautical sellers and eBay are chock full of amazing vintage wheels.

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