The best way to Care for Corky Stem Passion Flower

Corky stem passionflower (Passiflora suberosa) is a fast growing perennial vine in Sunset’s Environment Zones 1 5 through 17, 21 through 24, H1 and H2. The green- flowers appear like they’ve no petals, as well as a purplish blackberry is produced by the vines. The cork- this vine tolerates air-conditions but maybe not standing salt water, and filled stems achieve 1-inch about. It’s common to discover butterfly caterpillars among the leaves of the low-climbing vine, because this plant Miami attracts butterflies.

Choose a planting Fresno location in the full-sun or light shade. Corky stem passionflower vines choose great-draining soil but nevertheless, it’s going to grow in soil that is poor. Add 1-inch of well-rotted compost to sandy or clay soil. Dig a hole using a shovel and plant the vine. Spread out the roots in the hole and fill with soil.

Spread a 1- to 3 inch layer of organic mulch like dried wood chips or leaves across the bottom of the vine. Mulch conserves moisture and regulates soil temperatures. Keep the mulch 3 to 6″ away in the stems of the corky stem passion vine.

Soak the floor. Water seriously and slowly the soil dries out to the depth of 2″. Watering is crucial during warm, windy climate.

Install some kind of assistance for the passionflower vine or a trellis to climb. The little tendrils on the plant will climb something it can grasp. As the plant grows bigger, train the vines up the trellis.

The vine that was feed granulated fertilizer. Sprinkle the fertilizer throughout the root zone, utilizing the quantity that is suggested. Scratch the fertilizer to the top inch of soil using a hand cultivator.

Subsequent to the fruit is harvested prune the vines each year. Clip out extra stems cutting the stems near the floor. Cut the developing stems back by a third of their size.

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