The best way to Install Smoke Sensors in a Suspended Ceiling

Ceiling panels can take up to 20 lbs of fat without needing to be connected to ceiling or the runners above. It is possible to install them since box and a smoke alarm weigh less than 20 lbs mixed. You will merely spot the alarm box that is mounting by means of a hole which is cut to the ceiling panel. Mounting containers are sized, and also you may use them to to install other products which can be battery-run or wired straight to the power-grid of the building.

Remove the ceiling panel which you’re attaching the smoke alarm to in the ceiling runners. Place the panel face up on a worksurface.

Set the package foundation-down on the very top of the ceiling panel. Center the box that is mounting on the panel face-to avoid the places close to the edges from weakening.

Trace across its own wing tabs using a marking and the box utensil to ensure there’s a noticeable cutout line on the surface of the ceiling panel. Cut across the line using a utility knife or a key-hole saw.

Slip the box folding in the swing tabs, through the opening. Once it is pressed flush to the ceiling panel turn the swing tabs by rotating the Phillips screws which are on the box faceplate.

Place the panel backup to the ceiling runners that are suspended. In the event you are wiring the fire-alarm to your wire move another panel alongside the one featuring the box. Remove a knock-out and slide the wiring.

Wire the alarm to the hard-wire, matching the wire colours, and secure it with wing-nuts into place, or merely put a battery to the smoke alarm. Thread the screws that came to the faceplate of the box with all the smoke alarm. Attach the fire-alarm to the box.

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