The best way to Tie Right Into a Hip Roof

A hip-roof has four pitches to frequent eaves entirely around a home. The middle piece of a hip-roof is framed simply with frequent rafters from a top to to 2 walls, like a roof. The hi-P ends are framed with sloping rafters in the top to the wall corners, using one common rafter in the middle in the summit to the wall and angled “jack” rafters to join the angled hips to the common rafters. Roof connections will probably be created on a aspect.

Take away roof overlay and the shingles in the location where the roof will tie-in, employing a shingle stripper, prybar and reciprocal tool to show the present roof rafters. Brace person by nailing flat planks between rafters that are interchangeable and these rafters on another side of the roofing rafters on the add-on side.

Cut two 2 by 4 or 2-by-6-inch rafters to the pitch of the roof added. Match the dimensions of the rafters to trusses or rafters on the roof that is brand new. Make use of a speed square to indicate the angle; place the pivot point of the square on top of a plank and rotate it before the pitch angle on the “typical best cut” scale lines up on top of the board.

Nail these “valley” rafters, to make the edges of the newest roof relationship, to the present roof rafters with 16d framing nails as well as a hammer. Type valley rafters in to an inverted V, using the ends in your house wall as well as the point in the height of the roof peak that is additional or the top of the present roof.

Place of rafters or a pre-fabricated truss on the partitions or alternative flat supports of the roof. Plumb truss or the rafters using a degree and fasten the ends to supports or the walls with framing nails. Mark 2 4-inch increments using pencil and a tape measure in the present roof to the primary rafters that are new. Quantify each space and minimize quick rafters that are person to join the roof as well as the valley rafters. Fasten these brief by toe nailing nails diagonally to exterior rafters and the valley rafters.

Join a board of the roof, if there’s one, to the plank on the prevailing roof or the tops of the valley rafters this is going to change together with the fashion of the roofs being linked. Replace reducing panels to match the vales sheathing on the outdated roof, and set sheathing on the roof. Install steel flashing with shingle nails in the vales. Replace shingles on the roof that is newest as well as the aged roof.

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