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The Way to Joyfully Marry His and Her Designs

Girl finds her dream apartment and decorates it to her heart’s desire: female, elegant, glamorous. Girl meets boy, and he hates her decor. How can you strike the perfect balance of feminine and masculine notes so that both members of a couple can live?

Caitlin Wilson Design

Many women would rather have a gender-neutral or maybe a traditionally manly fashion, and men have a wide range of tastes, also. But what makes a space female? It frequently begins with what makes a outfit feminine — warm colors such as pinks, purples and mauves; flowery patterns; metallics; ruffles; curves and lots of layers.

Dreamy Whites

An all-white room tends to have a female feel too — light and airy, like a refuge where tracked-in dirt isn’t a consideration. Ornamental chandeliers and decorations add to this general feminine mood.

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

In contrast, a traditionally manly area frequently takes cues from men’s wardrobes: browns and grays, plaids and pinstripes, boxy and directly forms.

jamesthomas Interiors

A dark area with colors of steely gray, walnut and blues automatically feels masculine. Add black or brown leather, and it’s a done deal however many vases of flowers you exhibit.

Alan Design Studio

A bathroom may be turned into very womanly with luminescent mosaic tile, peachy damask background and brushed-nickel or polished-brass ornamental plumbing fixtures.

Carl M. Hansen Firms

A bathroom can be manufactured ultramasculine with dark matte tile set up in a grid-like style, no patterns besides a potential fearless stripe, and streamlined chrome pipes fittings.

Caitlin Wilson Design

You love the spaces you have created, but how can you compromise and create a moving-in spouse feel welcomed and comfortable? You must combine the components of both female and masculine to make a balanced room.

Jane Kim Design

Gentlemen, your pad looks amazing with its dark wood paneling and heavy industrial metallic finishes. But if you want to display your devotion, then bring in some softer touches.

Imagine Living

Mixing components and juxtaposing them assists. By way of example, a neutral white and black colour scheme eliminates battle over feminine or masculine colours. A leather headboard feels masculine, but having it adds curves which feminize it. Layered bedding seems womanly, but having those layers be fur makes it masculine.

Kenneth Brown Design

Another strategy in the bedroom is going completely gender neutral, as shown here. Grays are female or masculine. The boxy headboard has curved corners. Not one of the cosmetic accessories lean toward either gender.

Even better, a light and bright room similar to this may please both parties. Layers of exotic bohemian touches, like a fur throw and a Beni Ourain rug, may make one of you happy. The clean lines of the midcentury lighting fittings and seats may please another. The area reads lively yet relaxing.

Nora Schneider Interior Design

This bath gets got the best of both worlds: stripes for one of you, a curvy pattern for another. And medium brown beige tones for everybody. This tile pattern reminds me of the sidewalks at Copacabana beach; it has a vavoom factor.

Elad Gonen

In the living area, an all-white scheme leans toward female, but eliminating needless layers and ornamentation and keeping the furniture lines fairly boxy brings in masculine energy.

Mark Dodge Design

This living room initially reads gender neutral or a bit masculine, given the tough lines of their furnishings and absence of layers. Nevertheless, the extra-large artwork of a woman’s naked form along with the tulip arrangement brings in curves and female energy.

Remember, compromise is very good for the condition of the marriage. A new layout scheme blending dark and light components, boxy and curved forms, heavy metals and sparkly glass may be greater than either extreme on its own.

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