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12 Baths That Revel at Bohemian Opulence

This glamorous, well-traveled bohemian appearance that featured mightily in the autumn 2012 runway shows is absolutely suited to translation into interiors. A bit more aristocratic than the boho vintage or boho modern appearance, bohemian opulence requires an irreverent attitude. Take serious artwork and prop it against the wall, pile books beneath the table rather than arranging them neatly on a shelf, coating vibrant colors, mix patterns and add embellishments with abandon.

Have a look at these 12 examples of exceptionally glamorous bohemian interiors, along with ideas for what to search for while searching and ways to use what you see on your own home. Then shop flea markets and estate sales for vintage gilded treasures; the more worn, cracked and crumbled the greater. Prepare to be motivated!

Catalina Estrada

Layout finds: Classic gold picture frames, one-off sculptures and objects (wild animal motifs would work especially well here).

Try this at home: set your artwork in gilded frames — but hang on it asymmetrically or only off centre for a less stuffy sense.

Jenn Hannotte / Hannotte Interiors

Layout locates: Bentwood chairs and stools, vintage portraits, threadbare rugs with interesting patterns and strong dark-colored mattress linens.

Try this at home: Paint your walls a very rich, deep blue; lean a painting from a wall; pile books and magazines on the floor; let a stool or seat stand in as a side table.

Catalina Estrada

Layout discovers: Ornate gilded mirrors (the larger the better), intricate background, tufted leather seats and colorful vintage gowns and robes to display.

Try this at home: Leaning a full size mirror from a wall is an easy way to produce an artsy vibe at a living area or bedroom maintain your preferred patterned dresses, tunics or robes on hooks or just draped over a chair or bed.

Deborah French Designs

Layout discovers: Carved wood displays, unique vintage or antique chairs, chandeliers and natural-fiber rugs.

Try this at home: Utilize a wooden screen for a room divider or a statement-making headboard.

Jessica Risko Smith Interior Design

Design locate: Fun trimmings and embellishments, like pom-poms, fringe, tassels, braids and rickrack.

Try this at home: Dig out that hot-glue gun (or sewing machine) and attach your trimming of choice into Roman blinds, drapes, lampshades, throw pillows or even the skirting of your couch or bed.

Alice Lane Home Collection

Layout locates: Crystal chandeliers, vintage silver, a huge wood table (the biggest size that could fit in your area), nubby linen upholstery and chevron or herringbone flooring.

Try this at home: A single decadent touch — a fancy crystal chandelier, a gorgeous silver candelabra, a wash of luxury color — is sufficient to uplift your whole space.

Katie Leede & Company Studio

Layout discovers: Suzanis and other interesting textiles, and books galore.

Try this at home: Have an ottoman re-covered in vintage fabric (you could even use an older rug); use a cloth you adore like a wall hanging; have drapes or drapes made with a special cloth. A fantastic guideline when blending prints would be to include a single large-scale and one small print, and be sure there is something (a color( a motif) linking the two together.

Ryland Peters & Small | CICO Books

Layout locates: Oversize mirrors and art, chippy seats as well as products, capiz shells and vintage musical instruments.

Try this at home: Add a sense of history by letting the rough edges and chipping paint of your vintage finds to show through. Have fun treasure hunting at antiques, antiques and junk shops alike, and as soon as you get home, challenge yourself to place your finds to function in an unexpected way.

Deborah French Designs

Layout finds: Classic iron outdoor furniture and tile-top tables.

Try this at home: Pair outdoor seats and a tile-top table having an indoor wooden bench and plenty of patterned pillows.


Layout discovers: Fabulous background, photography and artwork that speaks to youpersonally, and mirrors with interesting shapes.

Try this at home: Utilize a background pattern you love to cover the ceiling and walls at a small, unexpected space like the powder area shown here.

Studio D – Danielle Wallinger

Layout discovers: shimmering black paint, sculptures and 3-D wall decoration.

Try this at home: Pitch-black paint looks stunning on walls, but remember: This really is a high-drama appearance. A less-often-used room can generally manage bolder decorating choices, so unless you’re feeling really daring, stick with the dining area or toilet with this appearance and consider testing it out by painting an accent wall (or maybe a couple accessories).

Artisan Books

Layout finds: Moroccan menu tables, floor cushions, poufs and paper lanterns.

Try this at home: If your living space is feeling a little stuffy, try adding a bit of this souk — low furniture paired with floor cushions creates a more relaxed vibe.

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