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Art Rises to Staircase Challenge

Thinking about running a set of framed works up the stairs likely makes you think about how your parents had each National School Studios portrait of you and your siblings displayed in this very way. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using those portraits, but you may be hankering for a more hierarchical screen on the walls together your staircase. It is sometimes a tricky place to handle, but I guarantee it’s not rocket science. Here are a few thoughts and tips to inspire you.

Natalie Blake

Perform off rise and run. The geometry of this composition places like bits in a stepped structure which mimics the stairs.

Sroka Design, Inc..

Along those same lines, this can be another stepped arrangement which uses less artwork and spaces them out more.

Frederick + Frederick Architects

Use what you have got for advice. The horizontal wood planks offer you some advice for the spacing of those pictures, which can be hung in pairs and identically framed.

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Sawdust Girl

Use similar frames and mats. They don’t need to be perfectly matched; this clever homeowner has created a rhythm with different-colored eyeglasses. Their materials, mats and spacing have consistency, which keeps the structure pleasing to the eye.

Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

Create a grid of artwork. This arrangement complements the gorgeous iron railing without competing with its scrolled design. The designer accomplished this by employing light frames and mats which were all the identical size onto a wall.

Feldman Architecture, Inc..

Use the empty wall at the top as a focus. Putting a large painting on peak of the stairs lends perspective and makes a focus.

Meredith Heron Design

Use landings as focal points. This painting makes me need to step up and test it out, and it can also be appreciated by the foyer.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

Consider descension in addition to ascension. These gorgeous works of art can be appreciated from the second floor and moving down the stairs. I’m convinced one would notice unique things about them during the uterus, as what is at eye level varies on down the road.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Play width off. This stairs narrows as it moves up, and the slim vertical arrangement of those 3 pictures on the landing follows match.

John Maniscalco Architecture

Make the most of a blank landing. This minigallery provides the transitional space a second purpose along with a place to pause for an instant. Also notice how the dark border keeps the 3 functions out of being spilled on the wall.

Anthony Baratta LLC

Place related objects close to the bottom of the stairs. The placement of the equestrian photos at the landing foreshadows the larger painting which goes up the stairs.

Donna Thomas Vintage Chic Furniture

Use mirrors instead of artwork. You will never run out of places to stop and be sure that you’re not sporting a cowlick or lipstick on your teeth as you dash down the stairs and out the door in this house. Additionally, mirrors bounce the light around and brighten up a dark staircase.

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Vanessa De Vargas

Fake it using wall decals. If you fear that a group of pictures will be too active, think about frame stickers. This is a great way to handle a tricky curved wall onto a staircase.

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Grizzly Iron, Inc

Have a blast with it! I can not write about stairs art screen without including these jazzy musicians who appear to be running up the stairs.

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