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Contractor Tips: How to Install Tile Flawlessly

A great-looking tile project takes more than simply choosing beautiful tile. Preparation, preparation and using the right products for your task are what separate good installs from good installs. Bear in mind, tile is for the long haul. These hints will help ensure that your installation looks great and stands the test of time.

Lingo to know: Thinset: Mortar utilized to place tilesScreed: A flat wood or metal plank used to level mortar or concrete before it meltsGrout: A Combination of sand, water and cement that seals the joints in tile functionCut: Tiles that must be trimmed to match against a wall or other obstructionSquare to: Lay tile parallel toJolly trimming: A finishing and edge-protection profile for the outside corners of tiled surfaces

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First things first. Where will you have cuts? Make certain they won’t be too small. Is your space? If not, choose the wall and put the tile parallel.

Is there a pattern to the tile? Consider where the routine will collapse and if you want to centre any fixtures or accessories on a particular part of the pattern.

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Anyplace where vinyl ends on a wall or on an external corner is where you’ll need to deal with a transition. Stone tile can be polished to get a finished edge. Tiles also have matching bullnose bits. Figuring out how you are going to take care of these adjustments is part of this preparation process, because you’ll need to order these bits with your tile.

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For a contemporary look, use Schluter’s Jolly trimming to cap the edge of the tile. Coordinate with the other metals in the room and make certain to compare the depth of the tile to the trimming so that it fully covers the edge without bending over.

The L-shaped Jolly trimming includes a perforated flange that gets put from the thinset before laying the tile no screws are necessary.

Tile is heavy. Make sure your floor joists can handle the weight and place down 3/4-inch plywood with 1/2-inch cement plank embedded in thinset in addition to

If the flooring is in a spot prone to motion (for instance, where an addition matches the initial home) consider installing a crack isolation valve as well.

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The installation will look just like the surface below. Check that your walls and floors are level with a lengthy straight-edge and use a screed to get the thinset into low areas. Keep in mind that a flooring does not necessarily need to be level if the transitions to adjoining rooms make this difficult, but it will need to be flat.

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Your flooring does need to be flat if you are likely to use a baseboard-style trimming piece. Notice the foundation in this image: Unlike most area tile, which can be trimmed to accommodate an irregular floor, foundation trim can’t be trimmed without sacrificing its profile.

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Glass vinyl expands and contracts at a greater rate than other tiles, and is much more prone to stress fractures. For this reason, small glass tiles can be installed in several programs, however large-format glass tile ought to be installed only in regions that were prepared to avoid motion and won’t be subject to large temperature swings.

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Wait until the thinset has healed before you grout — itusually takes about a day. Follow the manufacturer’s directions and don’t clean the tile anything but water before the grout has fully cured.

If the grout is a light shade, consider sealing it to make it easier to clean. For dark colors, this is normally not necessary. Bear in mind, even sealed grout will allow some water to pass through — this is the reason why shower pans have liners. This also suggests that vinyl needs to be put on cement board, not drywall, everywhere where it will get wet.

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Anyplace where tile meets a surface that may move — counters and tubs are great examples — you’ll need to secure the joints with a flexible sealant rather than grout. For tubs, 100% saline is best. For counters, get a caulk that is colour matched to a grout, available from the tile dealer.

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