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ers Say: Fantasy Features for the Bath and Closet

A lot of you chimed in on the questions board when a fellow user requested what kinds of cool new things she ought to consider while preparing her new home. Now we’re continuing the compilation of replies using ers’ suggested dream characteristics to incorporate in baths and closets. You will find many dream features on the list that I didn’t know existed, and it was fun to read through all these.

Divine Design+Build

A shower bench and a shower niche. Make sure the niche is big enough for Costco-size shampoo bottles. A bench in the shower is especially helpful as a universal layout element (and somewhere to prop legs on while shaving).

Kanner Architects – CLOSED

Universal design components. A lot of you are wisely planning ahead and adding features that will let you age in your houses, such as broader paths, curbless shower stalls and grab bars.

Crisp Architects

A handheld shower spout. These can help you save water since they can target that sudsy area better. Additionally, you can set the whole thing up so that if the handheld is on, the overhead is off, using a third choice to turn them both off for what my grandpa called “a Navy shower” (which saves the most water).

Moroso Construction

Towel heating bars. Toasty towels are a wonderful luxury, especially when the bathroom is chilly.

Jacuzzi Towel Warming Drawer

This reminds me when Seinfeld’s Kramer kept placing his clothing in various ovens to create them warm and toasty. A drawer is significantly more convenient and won’t smell like pizza.

Jacuzzi Home Spa Radiant Floor Warming System

Talking of toasty … glowing warmth can assist with that. Heated floors are a fantasy through a barefoot midnight trip to the loo in winter.

Sroka Design, Inc..

A TV over the bathtub. To be truthful, I’m not sure anyone suggested that. I just saw the image and thought it belonged to a listing of the greatest home options. Even though a fantastic book and a candle are all I need, I can see the draw of seeing a nightime soap when soaking in suds.

OK, OK, I lied about the novel. I truly want the most recent issue of Entertainment Weekly, and I’d very much like watching Revenge at the exact same time.

More with this secret TV

The Furniture Guild

Salon convenience. Give your hair dryer, curling iron and straightener a specified storage location which includes sockets. There will be no more worrying about where to put in a hot appliance or tangled cords underneath the sink to deal with.

Phil Kean Designs

A morning kitchen. That is a sneaky and lavish little spot, often near the cupboard or dressing area, where it is possible to get that first cup of coffee going the second you grow. A morning kitchen can include just a espresso maker or be elaborate enough to maintain a small refrigerator for juice, milk and other morning snacks. Some people even incorporate a dishwasher and sink for their morning meals. When I had this, I would not make it downstairs until I was hungry for lunch.

Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design

Wide shoe storage. Moving into the cupboard, ers want space to store and respect their shoes. As for me, I want all the shoes in this picture, and I really don’t care what I’d have to do to store them.

Malka Sabroe-JoHanson

A pull-out counter tops. This handy counter is excellent not only for placing laundry that needs to be put away, but for organizing and packing too.

Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design

A pull-out ironing board. Pulling a built-in plank out of the wall is much more convenient and easier to use than a traditional ironing board. In addition, it takes up less space. In the event that you had to choose, would you need this in your huge closet or your huge laundry room?

Munger Interiors

Wide lighting. The chances of wearing one black shoe and one blue one one go up exponentially once you don’t have good lighting in the cupboard.

Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design

Valet sticks. These convenient racks pull down with ease, permitting you to take advantage of the high space in your cupboard.

What did we overlook? Let us know your favourite features for the bath and closet in the Comments section.

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