Favorite Color Combinations: Gray and Yellow

As gray and greige reign since the neutrals du jour, you could be wondering what other colours to pair with it. While a secure and tasteful option is to keep everything in a gray, silver, white and black colour palette, pairing gray with an electric shade can enliven a room and put a stamp of personal style on it. Now we will take a look at how different colors of yellow pop when paired with gray throughout the home.

In the living area: This very long sofa pops against the subdued gray walls, enabling it to host a composite of bright ikat pillows. The outcome is a glam and complex room.

Cynthia Mason Interiors

In the dining area: In the exact same way, these Panton S chairs in grellow are standouts in this area because of their form and hue. Incidentally,”grellow” is green-yellow, a phrase I think I uttered out of a CB2 catalog.

Klang & Associates

Light gold and yellow accents add a warm glow to this dining area, which has medium-dark gray walls.

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc..

A gray and yellow combination works nicely with modern and contemporary style. Here, black seats, chrome, a minimalist white dining table and dark floors increase the sleekness of this dining area.

Lindy Donnelly

You can also keep things light and modern in this space, as with this colour mix.

Michelle Hinckley

In the sack: Gray is a relaxed shade and may just aid your sleep, while pops of yellow make the room a bit more interesting. Here silvery gray plays off the deep gray walls too.

Judith Balis Interiors

The prints in this gray and yellow plot are tied together by their floral floral patterns.

Michelle Hinckley

If your base color is gray and you don’t want to make a big commitment to an accent shade, bring yellow in through little accessories, similar to this tray.

Side note: A trayscape is a good approach to corral items on a face and also keep things looking streamlined.

NOA Architecture Planning Interiors

The colour combination also functions in a lighter bedroom. Here, a bold lime-colored wall plays off the yellow floral accents on the duvet.

Jennifer Brouwer (Jennifer Brouwer Design Inc)

In the living area: Here the yellow throw pillows are just like that little vase of fresh blossoms, adding just the correct touch of yellow to this soft and sophisticated room.

Chelsea Atelier Architect, PC

The border between the living space and dining room in this spacious floor plan is marked by this grellow contemporary duplex. It picks up on the colours of the dining seats as well as the vases.

Eileen Kathryn Boyd Interiors

Reduce the window remedies extends a bit of yellow from floor to ceiling in vertical lines, accentuating the gorgeous windows and picking up on the throw pillows.

LLC, cristi Holcombe Interiors

Natural components, a range of warm woods, and a golden yellow ikat cloth on the seats help give this living space a cozy and inviting vibe.

Andrea Schumacher Interiors

Pops of yellow draw the eye and add balance to the dramatic prints within this area.

Nicole Lanteri Design

In the nursery: If you’re thinking about letting the response to”boy or girl?” Be a surprise however you want to receive your nursery together beforehand, yellow and gray is a terrific gender-neutral and modern option. (Don’t worry, it goes well with little duckies).

Nicole Lanteri Design

This vintage chest of drawers carries on a brand new life when awarded a vibrant paint job, and it stands out much more when placed against a gentle, light gray wall.

Tara Seawright Interior Design

In the kitchen: This designer painted the ceiling yellow to brighten up a kitchen which didn’t have a lot of natural light. Gray counter stools and counter tops ground each one of the white out of the cabinets and flooring.

Luck Stone Center

This kitchen brings some lemon yellow in through ceramics, yes, lemons. A plate of lemons are an easy vibrant addition to your countertop or tabletop that will instantly freshen up your distance.

Just Grove

In the powder room: This bright mirror is the sole burst of colour this neutral Best Bathroom Design Ideas Pittsburgh needs. The whimsical knobs are the icing from the cake.

Michelle Hinckley

Here’s another way to make the colour combination with little accessories. Have you taken part in the greige trend? If this is the case, please let us know what additional colours you combine with it from the comments section.

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