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Decorate With a Rainbow of Glass

It is easy to instantly presume glass and think”clear,” but don’t neglect the vibrant glass pieces which can bring instant beauty to any area in your property. When it’s hand-blown artwork or a simple colorful jar, coloured glass keeps the simplicity of the material whilst still adding an incomparable luster. Have some empty crannies and nooks to fill? Or maybe a dining table that’s looking a tiny barren? Consider scooping up some colorful glass to fill the void. Check out these photographs for some inspiration to get you started.

It is difficult to beat the effect sun has on glass in general, but with coloured glass, it is similar to an electric rainbow. Collect various colorful glass dishware and hang them in front of a window. It is a sophisticated display: Your dishware will probably be right where you want it, and meanwhile, they’ll make an artful exhibit.

Tall and lanky glass pieces are perfect for narrow nooks such as this one. Clear glass would have been lost against the white walls; the coloured glass pulls in the fabric from the sofas and connects the space as a whole.

Cre8tive Interior Designs

Who explained kitchen shelves are just for dishware? I love this glass display not only brings out the green and blue from the kitchen, but adds a chic and unexpected visual shock.

Joel Kelly Design

Add flair into a neutral Designer Bathroom Concepts Pittsburgh with a display shelf decorated with a vibrant glass bit. If your wall does not already have an inset corner, put one on a little table, on the floor or hang a glass fixture in the ceiling.

Amy Lau Design

With vibrant glass pieces, you are able to pay homage to”less is more” They make more of a statement than clear glass pieces, so you can a create a wonderful balance and enticing visual effect from just a few strategically positioned about a screen case.

When you locate colorful glass pieces which also feature stunning layout, it is nearly impossible to go wrong. These bring a structural component to the coffee table without feeling overbearing.

Amy Lau Design

Decorate the bare surface of a chest with yellow and orange glass pieces to get a hint of indoor citrus.

Vanni Archive/Architectural Photography

Produce a showstopper by collecting glass pieces in precisely the same color and showing them together, rather backlit to boost their translucent beauty.

Amitzi Architects

Instead of hanging artwork on shelves or mantles over the fireplace, consider filling the area with vibrant glass jars. This subtle screen is the best complement for this simplistic space, and just the ideal quantity of color.

MacCracken Architects

Produce a simplistic yet elegant centerpiece for your dining table with nominal pieces in colours that are expressive. There’s something about the juxtaposition of these delicate pieces against the concrete walls which really sets this space on fire.

Chelsea Atelier Architect, PC

Boost your current accessories and artwork by putting complementary glass pieces in their vicinity. The glass items in this dining area pull out the colors from this gorgeous painting.

Mira Brower Designs

Sometimes all you need to get a hint of sophistication is a grim demijohn in your own ottoman, and voila, space is complete.

Lyons Glass

Elizabeth Lyons Glass Jewel Tone Jar Collection
I love the Jewel Tone Jar Collection by Elizabeth Lyons; spread them throughout your house or mix and match then altogether.


Modern Glass Vases – $275
Produce an uber sophisticated centerpiece or finish a buffet vignette with these green vases from Plush Pod.


Glass Globe Tealight Holders – $30.40
This purple and yellowish glass tealight holder from A+R will add the best hint of color to your outdoor entertaining area.


Hanging Glass Bud Vases – $49.95
And you thought the flowers themselves were responsible for all of the color… not when you place them in bright hanging glass bud vases from RedEnvelope!

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