Gather'Round: The Fantastic Conversation Area

Although most living rooms include the required sofa and a single or two side seats, one of my favorite seating arrangements is four club seats surrounding a round coffee table. It is conducive to conversation the exact same way a round dining table is since every seated individual can easily see everybody else. This seating arrangement works extremely nicely, but many people are reluctant to try it since it is unconventional. Below are some spaces that feature this particular idea.

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Stonewood, LLC

If you aren’t ready to try out this arrangement in your living space, look at setting up a group like this from the den or library.

Tip: Chairs that have curvy lines go nicely with round tables.

David Churchill – Architectural Photographer

For large living areas, this could be a separate lounge-like area for beverages. Imagine sipping your cocktail while taking in that magnificent ocean view.

Architects Magnus

When the seats are the same, the group has cohesion and can be seen as a unit. This seating area adjacent to the kitchen is a wonderful spot to enjoy a glass of wine and snacks. The fireplace makes it extra cozy.

Stacy Curran

Have you discovered there are no televisions in one of these spaces? The objective of this furniture setup is obviously social. Within this room, a chandelier anchors the seating structure and adds a little formality.

The seats should be comfortable enough to encourage lingering over drinks and appetizers. These overstuffed distressed leather seats do the trick here. And, if you use a dining table in lieu of a coffee table, it’s simple to get to the goodies. A round rug further defines the distance within this rustic lodge house.

For a variation of the round coffee table, try pairing a set of curvy tables of varying heights…

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… or a soft ottoman in a fun shape like this.

Inform us: Do you have somewhere to set up four seats and a coffee table?

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