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Whether it’s decorating your home, clothes your body or designing a backyard, highlighting the inherent attractiveness is obviously the first thing of business. Instead of attempting to cover up defects and immediately putting your stamp on a space, begin with analyzing the intrinsic positives of your site and house. Enhancing the lines, character and views of your home is the first step to a space.

Some houses are blessed with strong horizontal lines. Many are accessorized with turrets and roof peaks. Still others bank on their exquisite surroundings as their key feature. Perhaps graceful curves are counted by your home as its component. No matter your home is graced with, flaunt it!

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1. Strong horizontals. In this area, the mattress is a low, flat horizontal plane. Instead of fighting that contour, it has been reinforced by the designer. Notice the long, horizontal reinforce, the long, horizontal artwork and the short, horizontal plane of the side tables and table.

Here is just another instance of a horizontal line that starts from the window pane and is carried through on the darkened plank shelving.

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Details make all of the difference. The choice of long lighting for all these stair risers accentuates the lengthy planes.

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2. Strong triangular roof outlines. If your home is blessed with a beautiful roof line, flaunt it!Don’t just put in a climbing plant haphazardly, but prune a beautiful vine to adhere to the line of the roof. The crops soften any harsh edges while strengthening the contour — a win-win.

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In this home, the roof has been reinforced from the exposed beams. Reinforcing the powerful triangular silhouette, the kitchen island reflects the roof line.

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3. Powerful setting. This house makes the most of its beautiful site. The architect has taken a cue in the inland setting and inverted the normal roof line. I really like that this home mimics the valley of a mountain range, as opposed to the peak.

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In case you’ve got gorgeous views, flaunt them by reinforcing the lines and colours of this vista beyond. Mirror the color scheme of your natural environment by incorporating planting that blend easily from foreground to background.

Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

Is your home situated on a hill overlooking fields of wheat, corn or soybeans? Flaunt that view by adding layers of plantings that reflect and reinforce the colours in the space.

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4. Strong curves. Did you find an absolutely perfect piled base table for your breakfast nook? Adopt those beautiful curves and reinforce them with a curvy chandelier and patterned sunglasses.

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Perhaps your find of this century was a gorgeous curvy couch. Reinforce its shape with a round ottoman, curvy colors and a simply curved chandelier.

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In case you’ve got a blocky house and have assembled a curvy fence to break the line up, keep going with it. This one curve does not need to stand alone. Flaunt more curves onto the facade of your home with a climbing vine or add curved bushes to accent the round finials.

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Take a long look at your area, your setting and environment and also the architecture of your home. Embrace that which you have, and flaunt those curves, lines and perspectives.

Designing With Rectangles

Embrace the Curve

Embrace Repetition

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