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I’m a firm believer in multitasking possessions, especially in regards to items that are shown in my property. Here is a range of products that bridge the gap between form and function. A number of these pieces are really artful, despite their utilitarian nature, and many others are simply lovely decorative items that are going to be a joy to live with and consider day in and day out. When possible, I’ve sourced handmade, original things to add some authenticity and charm, but each of the things will bring a distinctive sense of character to your house. — Kelly out of The Kitchen Designer

Kelly Donovan

Fleet Pools – $18

I’d just love a collection of these ribbons and vases perched beneath a coffee table or kitchen counter. Their ethereal colour and matte finish is mythical. I’m sure I could find a huge variety of practical applications for them, or simply maintain them as purely cosmetic. I love handcrafted pieces such as those whose beauty surpasses, but doesn’t prohibit, work.

Kelly Donovan

Lidded Jar – Mini – $75

I can’t get enough of the gorgeous turquoise glaze that fills the inside of the lidded jar. It is a perfect illustration of the fine details that are expertly attended to on handmade pieces that make them a joy to live together and use every day.

Esque Studio

Esque Lace Vase – $2,464

I love the saturated, complementary colors of the hand-blown vase along with the layered lacy detail. I’d exhibit this prominently and accessorize it to allow its true handmade beauty to glow.

Kelly Donovan

Large Jug in Mint

I’m a big fan of using pitchers as decoration. This one could be equally ideal serving water or lemonade with lunch because it would holding a bouquet of wildflowers in your desk. Or you could leave it empty and respect the scroll work, intricate completing details and crackled glaze.


Thomas Paul 100-Percent Linen Pillow, Rose “Botanical” – $97.33

Can you ever have enough pillows? This one is excellent for altering the appearance and feel of a space and injecting some colour and life to an otherwise neutral palette. I’ve become a big fan of painterly and overtly graphic patterns as small pieces of art in my sofa.

Herriott Grace

Charcuterie Board – $185

This all-natural charcuterie board is one that you’ll want to keep in your counter at all times. Just gazing at it gives me the urge to run my hands across the smooth grain. It is too amazing to hide out in a cupboard; maintain it out for all to respect its ideal imperfection — and isn’t that the beauty of handmade products?

Kelly Donovan

Sea Urchin Mirror

I love the colour and feel of the mirror. Often when I can’t find that perfect painting or print to hang on my walls, I turn to a trusty mirror that may function like art, one with more comprehensive information along with a lively color.

Kelly Donovan

Mauvey Liberty Print Small Rectangular Tray – GBP 18.95

I’m a huge fan of Liberty of London’s iconic prints and designs, usually with them for garment and home sewing. However, this tray is a great and simple way to bring some of Liberty’s loveliness in your daily life. Serve up some cocktails or just a TV dinner, and bask in the glow of the floral floral.

Kelly Donovan

Felted Wool Bowl with Love Embroidered by thefuzzymonkey – $18

Could these pesky little bowls be any cuter? They would be so helpful as small catch-alls in your nightstand and as the ideal gift for any family. Handmade gifts are so unique, most of which are destined to be heirlooms for generations to come. I especially like products such as those where the true craft of the artisan could shine through.

Lotta Jansdotter

Tissue Box Cover, Blue – $32

Talk about elevating the ordinary! This vibrant tissue box cover will add a touch of handmade charm and whimsy to your decor, raising the pedestrian cardboard box to new heights. I love anything Lotta Jansdotter does, and also this little generation is no exception.

Kelly Donovan

The Hostess Collection Kitchen Towels – $10

Featuring the designs of John Hiemenz, these kitchen towels are certain to bring a smile to your face and a punchy pattern to your kitchen decor. Tea towels are a excellent opportunity to feature fun motifs and bright colors that you’re reluctant to otherwise commit to in a bigger way.

Shanna Murray Illustrated Decals

Dutch Garland Decal – $40

I can’t get enough of Shanna Murray’s decals. This is just another gorgeously simple handcrafted choice to use in place of more expensive, and grand, traditional artwork in your walls. This beautiful little decal adds a bit of hand-drawn charm wherever you stick at it. Set it in surprising places, such as on the inside of a cupboard or back of a door, to get a pleasant and unexpected surprise.

Kelly Donovan

Scandinavian Made – Wall Tile with Cups Small – $545

Here’s a super original idea for wall decor: decorative tiles! Charlotte Thorup is a ceramist in the Danish island of Bornholm who creates these one-of-a-kind pieces completely by hand in her studio. The craftsmanship is incredible; the artistry is really stunning. Hang one for a dramatic presentation, or a group to get a more substantial art setup.


2012 Letterpress Calendar by INK+WIT – $44

I’ve experienced an INK+WIT letterpress calendar for the previous few decades, and they never fail to delight. I love letterpress anything, and paired with the whimsical, inventive illustrations on this calendar, I don’t want to take it down! Every month’s vision feels like a little piece of art.

Kelly Donovan

Shapes Garland #6 Ceramic Bead Garland – $24

There are many great tips for garlands floating around, but this one made of ceramic beads takes the cake for me. Every small vibrantly coloured sculptural stone stands out like hung in midair. Hang these anywhere you would like a little dose of artsy character or tasteful whimsy.

Kelly Donovan

Rie Elise Larsen Paper Lamp – $233.73

There is something so charming about this particular paper lamp shade and brightly coloured base and cord. I love the unexpected mixture of colors along with the beautifully patterned colour. It maintains a small footprint and could fit well on many small desks.

Kelly Donovan

Rie Elise Larsen Pendant

What a beautiful colour to be illuminated with light. The delicate designs on the ceramic necklace are so straightforward and pretty, making this light feel like a miniature art setup.


Fruit Pinch Bowl – $24

These will be the ideal illustration of a practical thing that is also oh-so-pleasing to the eye. Use these small bowls for salt and pepper or other condiments, and if they’re not being used, simply enjoy their beauty in your countertop.

Design Within Reach

Nelson Wheel Clock, Walnut – $460

I just adore this vintage, reproduction George Nelson walnut clock. Why bother using a boring digital display clock as soon as you can hearken back to simpler times for this beautifully dramatic time? It is another ideal replacement for true artwork if you’re feeling a void that needs to be filled in your walls and want a creative alternative.

Kelly Donovan

Relief Vase with Pleated Edge – $265

This magnificent vase — by a one-of-a-kind Scandinavian ceramic and rug importer, Scandinavian Made — features a remarkably intricate relief pattern and lively glaze coloring of red and turquoise. It will make a statement regardless of where it’s placed, and is a 100 percent handcrafted piece of art.

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