Rooms Get Ahead With Red

Red is a color a lot of people love but are reluctant to use. It’s a daring, eye-catching hue which makes a room appear exciting, but a lot of red can overwhelm a room. If you want to provide red a try, consider a few of those fresh, contemporary strategies to add only a dose of the vibrant color to your house.

Pepe Calderin Design- Modern Interior Design

At a neutral, earthy area, crimson will stand out and keep the room from feeling bland. Try adding crimson with wall art, throw pillows and carpet tiles, as shown in this area.

Bathroom vanities are now available in a variety of colors. Try a red countertop to make a modern space with an element of surprise.

Nicole White Designs Interiors LLC

Teens and tweens love vibrant colours in their rooms, but sometimes kids need guidance with how much color to use. Horizontal stripes in different colors is a great solution and also a fun way to add crimson into your child’s bedroom.

Red supplies stimulation and energy, so it is a great accent color for your home office. Start looking for a red wall covering or office seat in a contemporary fashion for a sleek, updated feel.


In this modern foyer, an ornate mirror adds a bit of elegance. The mirror crimson frame adds a flicker of interest for this otherwise colorless space.

Pierre Jean-Baptiste Interiors

Red is a unexpected color for a house theatre, but the outcome is a sexy, stylish area that entices you to stay around after the film is over.

Studio D – Danielle Wallinger

Red is thought to stimulate the appetite, which explains why it’s used in a lot of restaurants. At home in the dining area, crimson can energize a fantastic conversation along with a fantastic meal.

Mary Cook

When red is your favorite color, subsequently being around it is going to cause you to feel relaxed and at peace. Add it to your own bedroom with a accent wall to make a room where you can rest and replenish.

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