How Many Porta Potties Should You Rent for Your Event?

Porta potties are an important part of any event, and contribute a great deal to the guests’ satisfaction. However, choosing Flagstaff plumbers requires a bit of planning because you need to decide on the model, make and quantity that you need.

Here’s how you can simplify the selection process:

Figure Out How Many You Need

To figure out how many portable toilets you’ll need for your event, you need to know how many people are going to be present and how long the event is going to last. For the best results, there should be one portable toilet for every 75 guests at the party and one unit for every four hours that the event will last for. For example, if you’re planning a six-hour event for 200 people, then you’d need about 4 portable toilets (or even more if you’re serving a lot of beverages) in order to keep everyone comfortable during their stay.

Have Designated Portable Toilets for Each Gender

Speaking of comfort, your guests will surely appreciate it if you separate the Flagstaff plumbing according to gender so that men and women don’t have to share the same porta potties because that might lead to some really awkward moments.

Which Portable Toilets to Get for a Construction Site?

Figuring out how many porta potties to get for a construction site is actually quite easy because you have the American National Standards Institute to use as a reference. According to this organization, contractors need to provide at least one portable toilet for every 10 on-site workers (and an extra one just in case).

Which Porta Potty Rental to Get?

Once you’ve figured out how many porta potties you’ll need for your event, you need to determine what kind of porta potty is best for your situation.

Here are some examples of the different types of portable toilets that are available and how they’re usually used:

– Standard: This one’s great for short and casual events, like a last-minute gathering or a sporting event.

– With Sink: This porta potty is very cost-effective because it eliminates the need to rent out a sanitizing or hand washing station separately. People use this type of porta potty for all types of events, small or big.

– Elite: Elite-style plumber Flagstaff AZ come with a built-in sink, and are usually used at formal events and they’re ideal for long-term situations as well. Basically, the Elite porta potty is like the mobile version of a home bathroom.

– ADA/ Baby Changing Station: If you know that there will be mothers with young children at your event, then the thoughtful thing to do as a host would be to add a few porta potties with baby changing stations.

– Elevator or High-Rise Crane: These types of porta potties are very flexible which makes them ideal for long-term construction sites, as they’re able to adapt to any location.

As you can see, choosing the right plumbers Flagstaff AZ to get is not that difficult. The main thing you should do is to consider your guests’ needs and you’ll know which one to pick.