Warm Up a Sunroom Year-Round

Are you lucky enough to have a room full of windows in your home? Did you like it during the summer, filling the space with the cool blues and blues and bright yellows of this season, but now are wondering how to decorate it for autumn and winter? Whether your sunroom is designed primarily to be used in winter months or for yearlong living, there are quite a few approaches to warm it up as cooler weather approaches. The fantastic thing is that many of these ideas are equally simple and inexpensive.

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You do not have to use warm colours. Rather, use a snowy white palette that brings the outside in, representing sunlight and glistening snow. For even more light, do not cover up the windows. A minimal covering, such as a valance, will conceal any shades or blinds. This palette is a great selection for a small space as it keeps the look bright and open.

Contemporary Throws – $39.95

In keeping with the snowy white colour, add texture and physical heat with a cream or white throw blanket.

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Chunky Wool & Natural Jute Rug – $169

A chunky wool and jute rug also adds extra warmth and texture to a sunroom, this time under your feet.

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If white looks too stark, punch up the colour factor by adding a bit of Morocco or Mexico. Natural medium-toned woods mixed with all the red, rust, and gold patterns found on the cushions and rug provide a foil for its bright walls.


Deco Medallion Hidden Tab Panels – $119

If you are interested in privacy, this drape, with its warm colours and bold layout, would fit directly into a Moroccan or Mexican theme. Lining the drape can help prevent drafts and protect against heat from escaping through the windows.

RLH Studio

Add a magical chandelier to any sunroom space. Fabric or glass sunglasses will continue to keep the light warm and soft.


“Laredo” Five-Light Chandelier – $925

This dark bronze lighting fixture has glass shades that look like candles. It’s a soothing look for any sunroom.

Adeeni Design Group

Rattan furniture isn’t just for summer. Bring on the cushions and cushions in shades of red, cranberry, and hunter green for the winter months and add a thick area rug in complementary tones. An additional bonus is that the padding supplied guarantees that the furniture is comfortable instead of stiff, a necessity for any sunroom.

If you have a fireplace, then go your furniture away from the walls and center the dialogue area about it. The more romantic seating will feel welcoming when its cold outside. Pulling your furniture away from the walls will also allow you to have a much better view outside.

Olga Adler

A white ceiling may feel cold in winter, so visually counter it by installing a ceiling fan with blades in a deep wood tone. The fan is also functional. Changing the direction of this spinning from where it is set for the summertime forces the warm air down into the room instead of outside through the roof. Ensure you use the ideal size for your room. If you are unsure, an expert can help.

Anticmistic – Old Europe Lifestyle

Do you have neutral upholstered furniture pieces? Change summer’s trendy blue curtains and cushions to wealthy daring orange ones for autumn and winter (look for insulated curtains for extra heat). For a rustic touch that will offset the strong colour, consider adding lanterns. Move them out when summer returns.

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Morac Hex Garden Stool – $199

For much more of a colour pop, then add a pleasure bold accent piece like this Morac Hex garden stool. It functions as extra seating or a table!

Webber + Studio, Architects

Forget the sunroom’s normal white trimmed windows. Rather, use natural light timber. It works exceptionally well in this area, with its deep clay paint on the walls along with the mixture of medium and dark woods on the floor and the furniture. Combining these nature-based substances and colours results in a mild and open space that is nevertheless full of warmth.

Max Crosby Construction

When you have numerous windows and much wall space in between, keep the walls bright and light and make use of darker Ban shades or wooden blinds when making the transition to winter fashion.

Birdseye Design

This chamber is a knockout, right? If you have a large ceiling like so watch within this stunning space, add a rug to floor your furniture. While snuggling on the sofa, it will feel just like you attracted height of the room down to individual scale without getting away from the architecture, along with the warmth beneath your feet will probably be welcome on a cold night.


Javed Rug – $319

A rug like this, big enough to fit beneath your dialog area, will reduce the echo of a massive room whilst warming the space both literally and figuratively.

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