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How to Clean a Carb Jet onto a Craftsman Series 550 Lawnmower

For the engine on your Craftsman Series 500 yard mower to operate it is crucial that the carburetor jet can inject the appropriate amount of fuel to the carburetor in the moment. Otherwise, your lawn mower will sputter and spit like its got a bad case of bronchitis. No sum of adjustments will fix the issue when the carb jet is clogged. The only way to reestablish the jet into order that is working is to clean it thoroughly.

Situate the mower on a level surface in an area that is open. This helps you avoid becoming overcome with gasoline fumes and prevents the container out of penetrating. Remove the spark plug wire from the plug is not able to begin. Search the bottom of the gas tank to the fuel valve and then turn it off to make sure that fuel does not gush out when you remove the carburetor.

Pull on air filter and the air filter cover out of the machine. The air filter housing is located on the side of the engine when you are placed behind the device. Remove the screws that attach the base of the air filter housing to the mower to access.

Find the carburetor that is mounted on the face of the engine and lodged behind the air filter assembly. The engine on the Craftsman 550 Series generators is a Briggs & Stratton model. Remove the nuts that attach the carburetor into the engine with the size socket and then lay them aside. Remove the gasket and lay it aside. Disconnect the two governor springs out of their holes. Slide the carburetor in the studs on which it rests. Pull on the fuel line.

Turn the carburetor upside down to access the float bowl for elimination. Use the socket to remove the nut that holds the bowl assembly into the carburetor. This nut is at the bottom-center of the bowl and should remove easily. Lift the float and needle out of the carburetor and lay this assembly. Remove from inside the rim of the carburetor and lay it aside.

Find the jet holes onto the carburetor assembly’s interior. There’s one on the face of the center of the carburetor and one at the center that is direct. Carburetor cleaner to these holes and allow them to soak for 15 minutes. Clean out the jets with compressed air and dry any carb cleaner from the carburetor using a paper towel. Wear safety glasses or goggles when working with carburetor cleaner.

Reinsert needle, float and the gasket . Reattach the bowl by aligning it and screwing the nut back to hold the two pieces together. Twist the carburetor onto the studs, by slipping it onto the studs as 19, replace the gasket and reconnect the fuel line. Turn the fuel valve underneath the fuel tank to allow gas to reach the carburetor again.

Reattach the governor springs into the holes from which you removed them . Make sure that you place them. Reinstall the air filter assembly’s base. Place the filter at the bottom and pop the air filter cover back onto the machine. Reconnect the spark plug wire.

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