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The way to Decorate employing a Navy Blue and White Shower Curtain

Navy blue and white are strong colors to get a shower curtain — the expanse of the curtain can soften anything else from the room. So work with the combo by decorating in a maritime theme, juxtaposing a vibrant red in bathroom accessories, or picking up shades of the curtain in a new tile surface across the sink.

Ship Ahoy!

Salvage a blown-out white sail with a significant camel number on it to start your bathroom on the high seas. A sail produces a terrific shower curtain, and water slides off it because sails are water repellent. The canvas or Kevlar is tough, and the nautical character couldn’t be more evident. Paint walls the light blue of the skies on a balmy day; use white ceramic fittings and white tile in the bathtub and on the floor; also surround the ceramic sink having variegated navy and deep blue square glass tiles to evoke the briny depths. Old sails are available as fortunate finds at boatyards and currently made into shower curtains on the internet.

Let There Be Stripes

White subway tile and sharp urban stripes of white and Mick define a modern bathroom that is an eye-opener from the morning. Broad, horizontal navy and white stripes around the shower curtain supply most of the color inside the room, that can be covered in tile up the walls and gleams with glossy white ceiling and trim, and white fixtures. A wicker wastebasket, thick white towels and a navy bathmat keep it glowing; the navy accents keep it energetic.

Rubber Ducky Blues

A beach house bead-board bathroom does not need to be all white. Surround the shower with a white cotton canvas curtain edged in navy blue and paint the walls glossy medium blue with high-gloss white trim. Sisal mats on the floor catch sand and prevent slips. Navy and white striped towels alternative using sunlight yellow towels to get a tidy high-voltage space. This bathroom requires the dynamism of a vibrant yellow attachment, so add a rubber ducky — or even a flock of these — to the tub to balance out those blues.

Red, White and Polka Dot

The boys’ bathroom is a maelstrom of wet towels, melting soap and dirty socks. Forget subdued decor and move for something strong enough to hold its own against the constant chaos. White tile walls with a deep red border of tile halfway up the wall could be wiped down with a sponge or a mop. Use the same simple care to your white tile flooring, but cover the sink area and the edge of the tub with washable red mats to match the tile accent. Then hide the ring around the tub behind a deep navy shower curtain with large white polka dots in sturdy, vinyl-lined canvas with industrial-strength grommets and rings. Post the rules of the road on the wall; mandate a minimal weekly clean-out as a last resort; and hope for the best.

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