How to Replace a Garbage Disposal

It’s normal for garbage disposal bins to breakdown from time to time; no matter how much you strive to take good care of them. When this happens, don’t worry. If you have the right tools, you can fix it up in no time at all.


– Phillips head screw

– Flathead screw

– Slip joint pliers

– Hammer

– Socket set

– Wire nuts

– Mounting screws

– Garbage disposal

El Paso AC repair specialists putty

– Prepare for the Project

Have all your plumber Chandler AZ tools ready, and then switch off the garbage disposal at the main switch.

Take Out the Drain Arm and Tube

Using pliers, separate the drainpipe from the garbage disposal. Then disconnect the tube that drains the dishwasher from the disposal unit.

Remove the Disposal Unit

Do this by twisting the unit until it comes off the mounting nut. Empty the unit of all water and debris. Turn it over and remove the plate that covers the electrical connections. Take out the grounding screw and the drain. Make the strain relief sleeve free.

Take out the mounting assembly and the drain. Get rid of any accumulate putty on the sink by removing the mounting ring and then forcing the drain plunge through the drain hole.

Install New Hardware

Insert a rubber seal on the drain flange bottom. In case you have a unit that doesn’t need a rubber seal, the alternative is to use Chandler Plumbing Services Sacramento repair specialists putty. Then insert the drain flange over the drain hole.

Insert an additional rubber seal on the underside of the flange under the sink. Then position the metal backup ring with the flat side facing up and place the metallic backup. There are some disposal units that have metal hardware for mounting, while there are others that have a plastic mounting gear. Check your manual for the specific guidelines that the manufacturer has given.

Put the Mounting Ring

Fix the three screws of the mounting ring. Then put the mounting ring in place by pushing it upwards. Fix it in place with a snap ring. Then tighten up the three screws until everything has been firmly attached and it’s in place.

Prepare the New Disposal

If you are planning on attaching the disposal unit to your dishwasher, remove the plug with the help of a screwdriver and a hammer. Flip the disposal unit over and vigorously shake it in order to get rid of anything that’s inside. Take out the electrical plate and then push the electrical cables aware from the unit.

Fix the strain relief sleeve into place, and then insert the electrical cables through the sleeve and into the disposal. Tighten the sleeve firmly into place.

Finish the Installation

Fix the electrical wires into place and then secure them using wire nuts. The Landscape Design wire should be connected to the green screw that’s on the disposal unit. Put the cover plate back in place.

Put back the disposal unit into place by fixing it in the mounting nut. Then fix the drain arm and the dishwasher pipe. Turn on the water and run the unit to see if water is leaking. Then switch the electricity back on.