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Comparison of Propane, Electricity and Oil Furnaces

We want our homes to be inviting, warm and comfortable. You also want your heating system to be as effective as possible. Gas, oil or propane fuels three hot home-heating systems. You should compare several factors which can help you choose, when considering which type of furnace is ideal for your home.

Setup Prices

Furnace installation costs for the various fuel types change. Usually, an electric furnace is expensive to buy and install. Fuel oil and propane gas stoves require chimneys or exhaust port systems, large storage piping and systems to get the gas and a certain amount of wiring as well. These add up to greater initial installation expenses for petrol and fuel oil.

Running Prices

Operational costs vary depending upon your geographical area. Electricity is the most economical to heat with. Assess and compare the regional utility and fuel supply costs to ascertain which fuel supply is the best purchase. Use a cost comparison graph, such as one provided by Duke Energy of Ohio.

Performance Matters

Furnace output is measured in British thermal units, or BTUs. The BTUs produced with a quantified energy supply. Electricity is sold in kilowatt-hours, or kWh from the utility supplier. Electricity is quite efficient, with almost 100 percent of their electricity. With fossil fuels, there’s always a reduction. When switching gas or fuel oil depending on the furnace between 5% and 30 percent of the efficacy is lost. Found on the furnace tagging to get the most effective system While searching for a furnace compare the ratio.

Consider the Environmental Impact

If the furnace is maintained, propane and petroleum both emit about precisely the same number of emissions. No emissions are produced by electric furnaces, but also the power plant which produces the electricity makes a significant number of pollutants. Determined by how electricity is generated to your area, the impact will vary. Also, keep in mind that the demand for electricity has been increasing the accessibility and cost of service.

There When You Want It?

Except for some rural areas, electricity is easily available. Propane and fuel oil change in accessibility but can normally be delivered. Some urban houses will encounter more difficulty in getting deliveries of fuel and gas oil. The storage of fuel and gas oil may be a challenge in urban places. Regarding maintenance furnaces have moving parts and controls, therefore require little maintenance. Propane and fuel oil furnaces need regular maintenance to keep the furnace operating at top efficiency.

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