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What Does Electric and Gas Mean When You Rent an Apartment?

Rent can be the greatest monthly cost you incur when you lease an apartment, however, it’s not the sole one. Utilities weigh in, also. Utilities are goods and services necessary to make a residence livable. Gas and electric are two of the most frequent utilities in apartments.

What They Do

At the very least, electric service makes electricity available through your electrical outlets, and it powers such hardwired things as ceiling light fixtures and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Either electric or gas may fuel your cooker, hot water heater and climate control system.

Contained, Or Not

Your rental specifies whether your lease includes gas and electric. If it does, you won’t need to pay extra for those utilities. If your lease does not cover gas and electric, speak to the utility suppliers for help in estimating your average bills. Understanding how much your utilities might cost helps you decide if you can afford to rent a particular apartment.

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